Pentel Hi-polymer Block Eraser

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Hi-polymer material
Small, block size
Erases cleanly

Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers are high quality, latex-free erasers that remove lead easily and cleanly with very little
pressure. No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting. No wonder they are the #1 brand eraser in the country.

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Latex-Free, Hi-Polymer Formula

Thanks to our unique eraser formula, Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers do not crack or harden with age and remain soft and ready to use when you need them.

Many Sizes, Many Applications

If you wanted to paint a wall, you wouldn’t use a small hand brush, you’d use a roller. The same holds true for erasers. Our small block style or pencil cap erasers are perfect for getting into little corners, while our large blocks erase large areas quickly.


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